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Finally gonna be able to download all that midget porn.

yeah, I watched all the ones you sent me already. Got the craving again x)

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Man’s greatest invention. [video]

The song rocks too.


I’ve been pushing for cable internet at work since I started here. We have slow ass DSL and my 4G’s a lot faster. With the amount of data coming in and out of here, lagging… it’s very depressing.

I’ve called Comcast a few times and to no avail, they weren’t coming to our side of the street. There’s a shit-ton of warehouses here that all have the same shit DSL or over-priced fiber from the elec. company.

We were getting 2-3 Comcast mailers each week for a year and I had enough. I e-mailed all of the higher ups… President, CEO, CFO, Treasurer, you name it. I let them know what the deal was and yeah… a day later, a whole crew of Comcast salesmen came over and got the ball rolling.

I just gave the install supervisors & eng. dept a tour of the warehouse and available conduits running under the parking lot.

Looks like we’ll have our 100M/20 in a couple of months, a big jump from our 5M/409k

There won’t be any more excuses on why I can’t do something due to download/upload speed :\

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I hate when people pronounce it like that.

pfft, Southerners…

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And they say Jesus wasn’t around with the dinosaurs.